Most Controversial Commons and Uncommons of Hour of Devastation

6 Jul 2017

With the release of each new set, the community review lets you (yes, you!) rate each and every card for limited. If you haven't had your chance, you can contribute right now by heading over to the survey page. Your grades will be added to the community's at the community review of Hour of Devastation.


And if you don't agree with each and every other reviewer, that's when we get controversy. Some cards, the community mostly agrees on. For instance Sidewinder Naga:


This snake has the look of a solid limited common, and for the most part the community agrees. We can measure how much or how little the community agrees by measuring the spread of grades. While our desert loving snake doesn't inspire much in the way of disagreement as evidenced by the tight bell curve around "C", not all the commons and uncommons were quite so easy to pin down.


The following are the top 8 cards that divided the community the most. Are the powerful sideboard cards? Too situational? Traps? Hidden gems? I'll summarize the current standings on each of these cards and then give my take...


...which will almost certainly cause controversy.


8. Life Goes On (Community Grade D)


What the community thinks: Life Goes On is one of the lowest ranked green commons and uncommons, but this card has it's fans.


What I think: R&D's latest test in it's ongoing experiment to see how cheap and how much life a single shot spell can gain and still be picked last. Stay tuned for next set's test subject.


Verdict: F


7. Overcome (Community Grade B-)


What the community thinks: One of the top green commons and uncommons, bordering on a bomb.


What I think: The card is situational, and for a change of pace in Amonkhet block, doesn't give a reviewer an easy out by having cycling. The downside of drawing this card when you need a blocker is huge, but the upside is that if you satisfy the two conditions of (1) having creatures and (2) having a living opponent, Overcome is going to do stupid things.


Verdict: B


6. Claim // Fame (Community Grade C+)


What the community thinks: This little card feels like it might be doing something in constructed formats. In limited, however, the possibility of returning a Gust Walker and getting a little graveyard value has the community sensing an above average card.


What I think: Getting a two mana creatures in the yard is actual a fairly steep setup cost. First you have to find one, play it, have it die, and then draw this card. The downside of this card being dead or doing something unremarkable is too high.


Verdict: D


5. Crash Through (Community Grade C-)


What the community thinks: The plurality of respondents put Crash Through in the C- to D+ range, while some players feel it's awesome.


What I think: It's hard to find a downside in Crash Through other than "it just doesn't do anything". It feels like for this cheap it's probably worth picking up over subpar playables, given that occasionally forcing through critical damage will be game changing. This even has the potential of being a good card if blue red spells is still an archetype in Hour of Devastation.


Verdict: C


4. Crypt of the Eternals (Community Grade D+)


What the community thinks: Some view this card as strictly unplayable, while some think the mana fixing makes Crypt of the Eternals a solid pickup.


What I think: I think I'm a little higher on Painted Bluff than most, particularly in sealed. That said, Crypt of the Eternals is a much more restricted card that's only going to occasionally help you splash an Hour of Glory or a Final Reward but not a Cast Out or Honored Hydra. Overall, I'm not willing to spend anything other than a late speculative pick to add Crypt to my pool.


Verdict: D


3. Razaketh's Rite (Community Grade C-)

What the community thinks: While a majority feel Razaketh's Rite is barely playable, a few community think Razaketh's Rite is a hidden gem.


What I think: If you have a bomb that is still a bomb after adding 5 mana to the casting cost, Razaketh's Rite is the card for you! Otherwise you cycle it away. Once again the safety valve of a single mana cycling cost has pushed a straight F card into the realm of sometimes playable.


Verdict: D


2.Torment of Scarabs (Community Grade C)


What the community thinks: Most of the community thinks Torment of Scarabs is a solid playable (C range) but some feel this is a true bomb, and other a real dud.


What I think: I'm going to start by saying that over the course of this format I'm guaranteed to lose to this card. In my nightmares I'm losing to turn two Trespasser's Curse turn four Torment of Scarabs. That said, neither this card nor Trespasser Curse are actually cards I advocate playing, and Torment of Scarabs just gives your opponent too many choices before it punishes them.


Verdict: D-


1. Lilliana's, Chandra's and Gideon's Defeat (Community Grade D+)

What the community thinks: Cheap removal with a big restriction. The community overall rates these cards as barely playable, with strong numbers giving each a failing grade. 


What I think: Against some decks they are stone unplayable, against others, a great sideboard option. A good portion of the disagreement here comes from how different players rate sideboard cards. Some members of the community rated the defeat cycle by how good they will be coming out of the sideboard, some rated the cards by pack 1 pick 1 grade relative to other picks.


I tend to rate sideboard only cards by where in the pack I would pick them. With these, I'd pick them below a solid playable. It will only take one or two juicy targets that can be taken down by a single mana for me to bring these in from the board.


Overall, I think I rate Gideon's and Lilliana's defeat slightly higher than Chandra's only because actually hitting either Gideon of the Trialsor Lilliana, Death's Majesty is just too much story equity to ignore. And if you do, I've been told that reading the flavor text out loud is not a may ability.


Verdict: C-


The Hours Approach


The prerelease is just around the corner, and soon we'll learn how the cards will actually play out. And as we do share your experience at the community review of Hour of Devastation!


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